AMIBROKER IEOD Database (01 Sep 08 to 15 Dec 09)


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From today (25 March 2010) InvestBulls changed the format of their files...

here is the new format...

# Format definition file generated automatically
# by AmiBroker's ASCII Import Wizard
$FORMAT Date_YMD, Time, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume
$GROUP 255

If you are getting error in importing files then use the above format file


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Logging started for 'C:\Documents and Settings\Nac\Desktop\IB DATA\20100708\ABAN.txt' file, using format definition file 'Formats\NSE_IEOD.format'
Error in line ABAN.NS,20100708,09:01:00,850.00,860.80,850.00,860.25,72527
Invalid date format/value
Error in line ABAN.NS,20100708,09:02:00,860.30,861.85,860.05,860.55,47956
Invalid date format/value
Error in line

I got the above error... (total error was 390, since it's too much... I copied and pasted the first few lines from error log).
Anyone know what's the problem?


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My bad... its not just that, but sometimes (very rarely) IB servers give a different format..

like in this one first parameter is the symbol name while usually its the date in YYYYMMDD format. So either you use the wizard today or if this continue then save the format generated by wizard and use that as default from here on.


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hello vikas,

h t t p : / / w w w .
i think the link is valid no more . IB ppl must have disabled it

i am getting error, the remote server returned an error (40), while trying thru ur utility.

BTW, can u upload/provide 1min RT data for mininifty/niffty future in perticular (preferably in csv).

i am looking for it to test my system.


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As Vikas is no more active in this forum, I take the opportunity to answer the questions which remained unanswered in this thread. Investbulls discontinued with its IEOD uploading in its website since 20th August, 2010. One can download IEOD from IB's website either directly from downloads section or using Vikas's software. IEOD data is available from 9th February, 2007 to 20th August, 2010. The data's base time interval is 1 minute. Cheers. :)