AMIBROKER IEOD Database (01 Sep 08 to 15 Dec 09)


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hey vikas
hi how u doing i used to follow u thread regularly to trade but now its close
where is your new thread
and dis file is not getting downloaded from rapid share
why not? I wanted to put it on my web server.. but some problem with my web server and not getting enough time to fix it.. so had to put it on rapidshare. :(

my new thread is in my signature.. Bulls, bears...
vikas ,
im also not able to see the file type as "NSE_IEOD.FORMAT"

can u pls help
OK I found it.We need do this step to see NSE_IEOD.format as a file type.

After you create a NSE_IEOD.format file under C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\Formats

Then open a file import.types (using notepad) under the directory C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\Formats and add the below line

NSE_IEOD format (*.txt)|*.txt|NSE_IEOD.format

After that I can able to see NSE_IEOD.format as a file type.I have updated Dec 16,17,&18 :clapping:

Hope this helps.Vikas may be you can add this step in to you front page.(If this is correct ..Since i have found and tried from internet search ...)

Thx again
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Hello Vikash,
Thanks for the help u have put in here...
but sorry to tell the rapidshare file gives error...
it writes the following message...

You want to download the following file: | 186149 KB

This file can only be downloaded by becoming a Premium member

There are no more download slots available for free users right now. If you don't want to become a premium member, you might want to try again later"

and the same error message gets reflected each time ....plz do help to sort out the problem.
thanks in advance.
bye.take care


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I have a question.What is the different between the EOD files we normally download from NSE and the one IEOD (iNTRADAY 1 MIN) from indiabulls?

Sorry if it is very basic question.I am just very beginner.Just because you I was able to kick start loading charting in AMIBROKER.

EOD data from NSE will have the Open/High/Low/Close/Volume for the daily bar where as IEOD (Intraday-End-of-Day) is the same for 1min bar.

Hope this helps..

Dear Vikas,

While importing data is coming in Amibroker and showing chart also but I dont know where is data saving because when i close the Amibroker all data get vanished. Please help how to store the data.

Thanks and regards,