Development of a software based on strategies


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The prime Purpose of this thread is to develop a money making algorithm using both computed (ie automated) or using human Knowledge through experience.

One can make money using any of following

1. Using Technicals Indicators (MA,RSI)
2. Using Forecasting tools(Gann, Elliot wave)
3. Using Hedging techniques
4. Using strategies (SIP, Buy and Hold, Pyramiding)
5. Using Options (Straddles,Spreads, Covered Call)
6. Portfolio Techniques(canslim,Markowitz)
7. Chart Break outs
8. Intraday Trading
9. Scalping
10. hoping to make a profit on the bid/offer spread
11. Arbitrage
12. Stock Picking

Though none of these system guarantee the fixed consistent over the period, One make money depends on how much he willing to take risk

I want develop to tool which which ask user to amount he is willing to risk and the amount he is expecting as return. Based on that that the system should give suggestion to the best combination of the above strategies.

Suppose his expectation is very high then the system should give trading opportunities based on Gann or Elliot predictions

Suppose he want to play safe game then it would generate investment opportunity

The money management would be built in(it should generate entry price as well as qty)

I am not sure is there any tool available in market which consists all functions

Professionally I am software person in last eight years some artificial intelligent software to improve programming efficiency.

I am also having some knowledge in AFL Programming in Amibroker

Since it is team effort I am looking suggestions, Participations from Traderji members

Dear Saravanan,
very nice collection all trading strategies and mind is boggling to know all together.
You want to make a program with all techniques and human brain to over look all and act, is it not? No super computer is made with such capacity so far I think. I too wish to have one to support my trades. Best of luck!


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Dear cinelsoy,
Thank you for your comments.Yes it is not possible for a computer to match human brain. But the computer will not know the emotions fear etc. I am planning to include all of my reasearch details in this thread.