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    Online Trading Account (Delivery)

    Hi experts! Can you guys point me if i am going in the right direction. I want to start trading index shares with online account Nifty 50 i would say :cool: I have zeroed in to sharekhan However i have some doubts please clarify/critisize 1) Sharekhan charges no monthly/yearly...
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    Hi, I'm Biju and I am now looking for avenues in the market after a very long break. I got out after burning my fingers back when harshad mehta brought the markets crashing, and many of my shares became worthless. Now i'm back, older and hopefully wiser. Unfortunately I have really lost touch...
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    Demat & trading account opening time period

    hi friends, I need to know the quickest time period in which one can open a demat + trading account & share trades. Also please advice on the best company to be with for this. I am a complete newbie to trading & I need to sell & get funds of my shares(which are in physical format) as soon as...
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    Multiple Trading Accounts with one NSDL Demat?

    Hello All We all sometimes change brokers, sometimes due to better rates, sometimes better service & other reasons. Many times rather than finally severe old relationships one keeps them inoperative and moves on with the new one, resulting in more than one operative trading account. Most...
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    Demo for Trading platforms for opening account

    Hi me new to day trading. i searched this forum for demo for the trading platforms. i found some demos but all those demos are screen shots only. can i get real demo of online trading platforms of these brokers . i am not sure how many have their trading platforms. please give link to download...
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    Keeping demat and broking accounts separate.

    Most of us operate demat and broking accounts from same broker. This arrangement becomes quite comfortable in many situations, but this also gives ur broker a chance "operate" on ur accounts. By keeping both the accounts from same broker, investor doesnt have to provide with signed slip...
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    Need Urgent Advise on Bajaj Capital Unlimited Trading Account

    Dear All I have just one quick question on Demate Account opening with Bajaj Capital under banner of They are offering me an Zero Brokerage account with a annual fee of Rs. 10099 with a free ODin Client Terminal. Just wondering how reliable the account is. And if any body...
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    DMA Access for high volume trading?

    Anyone know of a broker providing Direct Market Access (DMA) access to high volume clients in India yet, since DMA has been allowed for over a year now?
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    Plese Help to Choose Trading Account

    I want to open a Demat Account. Is sharekhan Classic fast trade web based account good for me i am a small trader or motilal oswal + sbi is good for me actualy i have already an saving account in sbi. or suggest me trading account linked with sbi.
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    Trading account and Demat Account

    i would like to know can i have two trading accounts with the same Demat account?plz help..
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    Can demat account be joined and trading account be single

    I have a demat account with SBI. I am planning to make it joint account adding my wife. I also have sbicaps trading account. So, while trading using this trading account, can the shares be held in the joint demat account ? Or, is it like there should be different trading accounts for each...
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    hiiiiiii guyz!!!!

    hello to all the expert minds and the learners over here. i have recently started trading and looking forward to this forum for all the help and co-operation. there are a lot of smart people out here with a keen perception of the stock market and high business acumen. its nice to meet all...