hiiiiiii guyz!!!!

hello to all the expert minds and the learners over here.

i have recently started trading and looking forward to this forum for all the help and co-operation.
there are a lot of smart people out here with a keen perception of the stock market and high business acumen.
its nice to meet all you guys.

and in case if anybody is reading this, please could you help me choose the best trading a/c and brokerage.
there is a great deal of confusion in this regard.
currently, I've an a/c with ICICIdirect. is it good? who are the best for daytrading, long term investments as well as other kinds of services like IPOs?



For daytrading, apart from low brokerage you need good order execution platform and connectivity. You may need to initially spend money over these issues. Check sub-brokers in your locality, apart from that ODIN, trade-anywhere are also good. Look for posts from SMART_TRADER, uashish, omkarmango, trader111 etc.

I have tt5 advanced from India Infoline with brokerage 0.03% but yet looking for something better. Sometimes there is lag in the quotes. As far as per my knowledge ICICI is worst for daytrading but good for investment purposes.

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