Keeping demat and broking accounts separate.


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Most of us operate demat and broking accounts from same broker. This arrangement becomes quite comfortable in many situations, but this also gives ur broker a chance "operate" on ur accounts.

By keeping both the accounts from same broker, investor doesnt have to provide with signed slip instructions as per agreement to avoid the hassle of signing it every now and than.

We often come across where brokers would sell the shares in investor's account and such other ****. I think if we have different demat and trading accounts than it would be difficult for broker to do any unauthorised activity. (For eg demat of Angel and trading of Sharekhan).

Currently I have both the accounts from same broker and thinking to change them.

Any member who have different accounts can share their experiences.


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Its just a hassle to sign slips everytime.

Regarding unauthorized trading in your account, just keep a vigilant eye over your DP balance.
Well i have a demat account with the bank, and i don't sign slips. The broker has a POA to operate mu account that is why i can use online trading.

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