Hello everyone,
I recently left my job due to relocation to a different city(my husband's transfer):lol:
i have worked as arbitrager for almost 3 years, prior to that a failed attempt on trading with a complete wipe out of the account; than found a job, its almost 5 years back.
now i want to shift toward fulltime trading ie trading for living
i want to keep my focus on intraday trading with nifty future only initialy, trying to keep it simple
all tips from seniors and juniors are welcome:clap:
Hi, you have decided to trade and become a full time trader. So first you need to learn the complete concept of trading as you have not traded from so long time. Then start work on demo account for learning and experiencing.
Hello to everyone,
i have just joined Traderji .com , i trade in the commodities,
since last 2 years. My experience as a trader has not been profitable , neither have i lost any substantial amount...
i am looking forward to avail of all the support from seniors to guide my growth as a trader in the Traderji,s community.


Futurepast .
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