1. H

    seasons greetings

    Hello everyone, My Name is Vardhman Mehta and i am from Jaipur. I am a technical Trader and I trade Stocks, Currency and commodities.
  2. thelifecoder

    What is your view on these stocks?

    I am holding 1550 shares of HEXAWARE @ 64 (Now 122) 350 shares of YES Bank @ 285 (Now 375) 1250 shares of HCL Infosystems @ 40 (Now 46) 700 shares of JP Associates @ 68 (Now 85) 270 shares of Pantaloon Retail @185 (Now 170) Shall i book profits(and loss) before their Q4 results? What is...
  3. R

    best demat account

    Hi friends, I would like to invest in multiple mutual funds in SIP,Gold ETFs and also stocks. which demat account will be suitable for me to do all these transactions at one place. and i can invest 15k per month, so pls help me to select which MFs give high returns. Pls help me out...
  4. I

    Unitech to benefit as NOIDA Extension buyers scout options

    Unitech Unitech has been upgraded to "BUY" by JP Morgan and the stock is offering good Buying opportunity. The stock had jumped as much as 10 per cent yesterday...Holding at 34.45...
  5. M

    intraday trading

    Hello to all Traderji members, I am Prakash , not new to trading , have some experience with intraday trading Equities . I came across this forum via google and found this very informative . Special thanks to all the senior members contributing to the forum Regards
  6. H

    Possible to buy/sell shares directly (without a broker)?

    I'm new to the stock market and I wonder if there's a way to buy/sell shares (on BSE/NSE) without going through the broker route. I want to bypass the brokerage, is it's possible...
  7. P

    Delivery and F&O Calls

    Dear All, Hopefully my calls may benefit u.................. Happy trading
  8. V

    Firstobject technologies:Please advise

    A leading magazine has recommended Firstobject Technologies. The company is into the Education and KPO space. It has risen from 0.7 to 29 in the last few years. Could the experts please advise on the stock? Thanks in advance. Vinayak
  9. T

    Geometrical Markets

    HI all, Why must we all trade.............not to lose money thats for sure........but thats precisely what most of us are doing. No use explaining how I do it...let me first demonstrate that clear precise targets can be set and achieved. We can...
  10. K

    new here

    hi, i go by the username kt and i am a new investor. i still do not have any area of specialty but i am drawn to value stocks and well protected bond offerings and an aversion to IPOs(this is because if the many stock market bubbles, the most dominant being the internet bubble). i am very...
  11. vssoma

    Software to track real time streaming data for mobile

    hi, i want to track my watch list in my mobile. is there any software to track real time streaming data for mobile. thank you,
  12. R

    share market is of my interest

    get exciting share market tips by us.....
  13. R

    what is d commodity market??

    know about commodity......
  14. S

    Too late to invest in stocks? Not really.

    Five years from now, stocks will likely appear cheap now.
  15. U

    Uday, technical analyst

    1) Am trading in market since 2 years and saw ups and downs in the market. :thumb: 3) Am interested in trading in equities and investing now and then based on the trend of the stock. 4) In early days of trade, I used lots of softwares for assistance. But they failed to give me the accurate...
  16. G

    Suraj says Hi ! to all

    :clap::clap: Hi traderji users ! It's my pleasure to be a part of this great forum.... I'm a newbie for stocks but soon will be become the master of stocks. For this you will be the only one to lighten up may way and show me the right path . Thanks to you all ... :clap::clap:
  17. M

    How many of you trade regularly in ETFs?

    I do it on a regular basis since i find it quite profitable compared to trading in individual stocks. What do you think?
  18. E

    A ver basic question on costs related to trading

    Hey all, I have been following the markets since few months and recently want to start trading. But, before that I am trying to build up an Excel model for myself for which I need to know some points. One of the things that I want to know is what all sort of costs are related to trading...
  19. G

    Trading Contacts

    Hi All, I am Ram Kumar from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. I welcome all kinds of cooperation and joint venture in stock trading, forex trading etc. Regards and Best of Luck, Ram
  20. biswalsurya

    Hello Guyz

    Hello Guyz! I'm a cool guy searching 4 new ideas in web 24/7. I'm from Orissa. Now I'm going to invest in stocks. I want it 2 do thru Sharekhan. I think it'll be fine 4 me. What are you thinking ?? So, I'm a fresher in this field. I expect that You guys help me to find my right path...