discrepancy in stock volume amounts at Yahoo, Google, Stock Market Watch etc.

I have a question regarding differing stock volume amounts for a specific stock reported on various financial websites. For example, let's take a look at Lockheed Martin's volume amount at 12-12-2016.

Yahoo Finance: 7 080 300

Google Finance: 7 080 271

Stock Market Watch: 7 079 560

and finally the Lockheed Martin's official website: 7 078 760

My guess is that it perhaps could be a result of some data providers including pre-market and after-hours trading into the calculation of the volume but still, 4 different numbers?

I hope someone can explain this. Thank you in advance.


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Depends on the data provider. Various sources. Slight diff shouldn't be s concern.

Check nse site.
Lockheed Martin is not listed in NSE. :p

Also after-hours trading concept doesn't exist in NSE as well. :D
Bhai logon,
he is talking about a scrip listed at Wall Street and not NSE. :D

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