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Best option is investment in Equity Diversified Mutual Funds through Systematic Investment Plan.
Equity Diversified Mutual Funds are better managed than any other financial products available in market, research based, low expense, and returns can be expected at 20% CAGR (ie.Compounded Annualised Growth Return) year on year basis.

If the tenure of your investment is less than five years then you must invest in Balanced Funds or MIP mutual funds.(Balanced Funds are Hybrid Funds i.e. 60% Equity and 40% Debt. When you invest in balanced funds, you are not completely dependend on market situations, as 40% of your money is in debt, which gives you fixed income. you can expect 14-18% returns compounded over 5 years period.)(MIP funds invest 85% money in debt instruments and 15% in Equity instruments) you can expect 8 to 10% retuns in MIP funds.

Recommended Funds are

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Hello dear,
Is it true that if we invest 1000 per month in any good mid cap fund for a period of 25 years (total 3 lakhs), we may able to 7 Lakhs at the end of the period. Somfe of my colleagues are saying this.

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