Daily EOD stock Signals

Hello Friends,

I have developed a system which generates Buy sell Signals on EOD basis. It is purely based on Technical analysis. I have been seeing good success so far. So will update the daily trending stocks list here. I do not suggest any one to trade on these signals without proper analysis. Will need analyse the results for few weeks. If it works good then i will work on intraday system.

How to Trade the signals:

1) Check the buy/Sell signal price on EOD.
2) Next day If the price closes below the buy or Above the Sell signal price
SL it triggered.
3) IF the price remains away from the signal price , it would be show good trend
in the coming days.
4) Target is Open . Use Trailing SL.

**These price signals are just for the reference, testing and analysis purpose.**

Updated 03/11/2013


Updated: 03/11/2013 Stocks Given Signal with No increase in Volume
Symbol -Trade- Date- Signal Price
CAIRN -Buy- 01/11/2013- 321.95
DHANBANK -Buy- 01/11/2013- 44.8
DLF- Buy -01/11/2013- 157.4
HCLTECH -Buy- 01/11/2013- 1103.1
INFY- Sell -01/11/2013- 3276.7
IOB -Buy -01/11/2013- 51.95
OPTOCIRCUI- Buy- 01/11/2013 -23.35
RCOM -Buy- 01/11/2013 -151.8

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