Want to trade in commocities

Hello all,

I want to start trading in MCX commodities with capital of 50k.
Can anyone please tell me how can i make good profit in mcx? I want to learn some good profit making strategies.



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It would be a great help if anyone can guide me on trading in MCX
If you need initial learning and trading experience then you can open an account with my firm Nirmal Bang Commodities(Mumbai), what I can assure you is you'll get round the hour assistance regarding all your trade queries.


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Don't go to any broking office for learning....you will never learn anything going and sitting in any broker office....

In traderji so many details are available...read everything before going into trading mode....


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Well not every broking firm is useless as many will think, there are some good firms who are having strong research teams doing serious work, just for example Nirmal bang, Anand Rathi which I can personally vouch for.
And yes traderji is a gr8 place to learn, but trading is not 'Do it yourself' sort of thing which you can learn just by reading forum and downloading systems.

Go for 'do it urself mode' and it will take 3-5 years to get just hold of things and going broke many times in between - don't believe me than browse the forum itself and you'll see many members in this process.

I was just offering help as no one was responding to ur queries. Trade yourself, but haveto keep someone to mentor you while you trade - this is the smartest way I could advise to you to start with.
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If you want to learn trading strategy in MCX then firstly read basics & understand what factors effects on commodity market. Also, open a demo account from any broking firm, this is a good way to learn about market fundamentals. Find a relevant real time expert from where you can learn factors that helps to make profitable bizness.

All my friends saying right, but It's not easy to understand the basics or any fundamentals about MCX market. Yes, you can get each and every information about mcx trading in Google search but can not better understand how to better predict the market conditions.
So it's my best advice to search in Google or get more than 5-10 mcx trading advisory or get their free trading services or consult with them how you make better MCX trade.

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