1. E

    Alternatives to silver trading

    Dear sir I would like to create a discussion about finding some alternatives for trading commodities on MCX. As in 2013 budget government have imposed 0.1% CTT which will affect volume, turnover as well as volatility. Before the budget we use to pay 450/- on one carore turnover as fix , now it...
  2. P

    Need perfect afl for crude

    Hi friends can anybody, give perfect (more than 80 % accuracy enough) afl for trading 5 min intraday mcx crude.. I tried with many indicators/charts/mt4 platforms any useful indicator there? Sreeram.v
  3. E

    Increase of transaction cost in mcx

    Hi experts As all of you know that in new budget government have imposed 0.01 % ctt on commodity trading. Up to 31st march 2013 it was charged as 450/- on one car ore turnover. Now it will become 1000+450= 1450. I have been trading in Mcx silver and my broker is RK global. Cost of brokerage...
  4. D

    List of MCX and NCDEX broker

    1) Is there any broker who is regulated from MCX and NCDEX and provide mt4 platform? 2) Is odin diet trading platform similar to mt4? can i trade in grid style on odin(as i have never use it before) :(
  5. P

    I want stock xray afl

    Kindly provide the afl codings for the attachments screenshots given.. Person selling this for 21500 rs one time charges
  6. I

    Commodity Pulse 1.0 released (Stable version)

    Hey guys. I have just released an update for Commodity Pulse. The refresh time and lag has been cut by a third, UI has been improved, and most importantly there are no more annoying errors. Please check it out at Google Play. You can also follow the latest development on twitter. You are...
  7. A

    MCX RT with Backfill option

    All Please suggest a RT provider for MCX with 1 yr backfil option for ami:clap:
  8. C

    New Android App for MCX prices

    A friend has created a nice android app to keep track of commodity prices on MCX. I love the spread tracking feature. Check it out. Commodity Pulse Download Copied and pasted from google play:
  9. internet_fanbboy


    If anybody has it kindly share, I require it urgently to proceed with back-testing. I found this good resource for NSE & MCX intraday data. So i have data from 2010. Now need data for 2011 & 2012 Also, I would be more than...
  10. P

    MCX Data Month1 to Month12

    Hi, I have recently subscribed to paid EOD data for Metastock. I have subscribed to MCX, NCDEX, BSE, NSE. My question is for MCX i see folders Month1 to Month12. Can someone explain what Month1 is and what Month12 is. Also for my technical analysis should I always use Month1 ? Thanks...
  11. J

    My Intra Day Copper Trading Technique

    Hi, First of all let me tell you I am not an expert in technical analysis. I am still learning from many gurus here. I am going to explain here an intra day system to trade with copper. So far it is giving me very good results. Thats why i thought to post the system here, so that small...
  12. TraderPRO

    RT feed data for Amibroker

    Friends, pls suggest the Best and competitive RT feed for Amibroker - MCX Commodity segments Is ManshiRT or stocklivedata better. what are the other good feeds preferably with good support Thanks in adv Regards TraderPro
  13. C

    celebrus commodities

    We are extremely happy launched Indias most popular commodities trading network that gives unparalleled research support, state-of-the-art trading platform and 24/7 client support. The unique feature that sets Celebrus different from other commodity brokers is the highly...
  14. A

    gold data

    dear senior members, from where i can get spot closing data (daily) for gold for the last year. hope someone can:thumb: help
  15. A


    how to change the symbols add/ delete in brocco free demo account. is it possible o i have to make fresh account and download the bocco again.:)
  16. A

    Brocoo chart

    How add symbols of new series mcx and delete the old one from brocco charting software. I am new to the trading. Kindly help
  17. V

    mcx in mt4 live

    pls guide anyone is mcx trading in broco is safe ?
  18. V

    hai everybody

    today i am joining this forum , when ever i need any inquiry (tachnical software,brokers review,etc.,) i use to read this forum for past 2yrs, now i am here to share my experince , thank u
  19. V

    mcx in mt4 live

    pls guide anyone is mcx trading in broco is safe ?
  20. R

    How to open stock market institute in Ujjain (India)?

    Hello, I live in Ujjain and I want to open an stock market school in my town. I can teach about financial market and prepare them for NSE's certification in financial markets (NCFM) Test. I have been investing in market since 7 years. I also have teaching experience for 1 year in HS. Do I need...