1. I


    Hi Iam Gopi Balaji, working as Technical analyst for a leading company. I have been in stock, commodities and Forex market from more than 8 years. I just joined this forum to share you my ideas and listen to your ideas. Every person is student still he dies. we learn new things every day by...
  2. V


    Hi vinay here I wanted to explore the finance region our country provides for citizens. and when it came to tax deductions i stumbled on mutual funds and then to equities and now trying my luck here. i am a beginner trader and have a interest to learn more to be financially sound when i...
  3. D

    Hi All

    Hello all :clap: Nice to be part of this community; I am NCMP level - 1 and want to learn more and more about Share Market :)
  4. Ravi Lodhiya


    Dear all, My name is ravi lodhiya and I am a software developer. I am new to Stock Market. I am learning new things everyday. I have recently open a demat account with J.M. Financial Services. I have join this community to share my experiences and learn ODIN and investment game. I...
  5. R


    Hello friends, I am a new member wish to know about stock trading and it's earning techniques. Kindly guide me. Regards
  6. N


    hi i am nagoor
  7. B


    Hi, I'm Biju and I am now looking for avenues in the market after a very long break. I got out after burning my fingers back when harshad mehta brought the markets crashing, and many of my shares became worthless. Now i'm back, older and hopefully wiser. Unfortunately I have really lost touch...
  8. M


    Hi Everyone, I am a passive trader and since last yr, also a beginner SUB-Broker for equity and Commodities (From KARVY). I am here to get more knowledge and updates in Indian Market. Investment not a money making tool for me.... its passion... i wish to take it to next level for myself...
  9. I

    An Absolute Beginner's Hi to the Trading Community

    Hi, This is Arnav. The raging markets have finally lured me into the trading world. I dont have any experience beforehand. Looking for some valuable experience from some of the fierce bulls in competition here. All the Best to everyone. :thumb: Thanks, Arnav
  10. I

    Hello Friends Am Newbie to Traderji

    Hi friends this is my first post in the traderji. I just came here to share my knowledge in investments with traderji user groups. Keep posted your queries and I can help you with my knowlege and get some knowlege from the experts here......
  11. S

    hello from srinivas

    Hello everyone, Just to say that I have jumped headlong into trading the stock market.... my broker being Sharekhan. I have about 2 years of investment experience (and have seen two big falls in the stock market :down:). I would appreciate any input on Sharekhan PMS - particularly Nifty...
  12. S

    Hello! Everyone

    Hi, i am new member to this site. i am from chennai. i am into secondary markets for past 6 months. i usually purchase stocks in delivery. i am a beginner to stock markets. i want to learn intraday trading as well. so,i am looking forward for help from seniors in this forum. kindly...
  13. D


    I am in day_trading for 7 yrs. now focused on FNO. positional trader preference for writing options with unlimited loss risk.Let me give and take from this forum traderji !!!
  14. U

    Hi All

    Hi all, my investing profile is that of an investor. Started out at investing @ the best time possible - March of 2009 and probably due to this factor alone did not lose my shirt in the process of learning. :D I do keep track of options/ futures/ IPOs / FPOs thats merely to satisfy academic...
  15. K

    My investment style

    I'm a long term investor,believe buy and hold principle. i'm registered here for exchange stock ideas to invest.:)
  16. A

    Hello Friends

    Hi All, I am Ajit, and have generated interest in trading for the past 1 year. I believe I can grab a lot of knowledge from this site. Enjoy...
  17. H

    Hi there!!

    +-+---+++--++ == 0 That summarizes my position at the end of my trading day!! Have been trading for last 3 years whenever I wanted to test my luck. In the past used icicidirect..margin,margin plus ... icici tried to rob me but 2007-2008 IPOs saved me.Recently got Sharekhan account and got to...
  18. G

    Hi Everyone

    I joined the forum today after finding out about this through google. I was looking for a discussion board for Indian markets with a good community and this definitely looks like one. I have been trading in the US markets for the past 5 years in stocks, options and futures. I day trade quite...
  19. B

    Introduction from bornfree

    Dear All! This being my first post here I would like to congratulate One and All who have contributed to the building of such an excellent resource for learning around finance and investments, in particular about financial instruments. And I can only think of responding to your efforts with a...
  20. K

    New to this trading

    Hi Folks , I am new to this trading. Thanks & Regards Kishore