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Dear All!

This being my first post here I would like to congratulate One and All who have contributed to the building of such an excellent resource for learning around finance and investments, in particular about financial instruments. And I can only think of responding to your efforts with a big THANK YOU!:clapping::thumb:

My first impressions of the forum is that it is very rich in information and content and a newcomer is most likely to find what he is looking for w/o having to go to too many places. Having said that I also face some inconveniences (like getting to the right content with least amount of effort) that I hope to learn my way around as I continue to use the community in future.

A slight bit of introduction on me and my trading experience. My Real name is Pankaj however you would find me using my alias bornfree more often. I have a background in Creative Industry : Product Design, Visual Design, Photography etc. I also actively engage in social entrepreneurship. I am a beginner in the world of stock markets in the sense of my level of learning around it. I started to trade actively around sept 2008 (the black Sept for me) and I got washed off my capital:( which made me sit out of it for a while. Recently I have started to trade again and got the realization that I am still as ill equipped around markets as I was in my last stint :confused:(and that by deduction showed to me that Capital Market meltdown had less of an impact on previous failure than my own ignorance and unpreparedness). That's when I have decided to learn it with seriousness that it perhaps deserves.

I hope to learn and share while I spend my time around here. Wishing all good luck and safe and prudent investing.


P.S I would continue the same thread with one or two ideas that I wanted to share with all of you (not to make my first post too long to read into :))
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Dear All,

As i mentioned earlier in my introductory post, the forum is really great in terms of it's breadth on content and also rich in terms of knowledge that members posses; however, getting to the right content so often is laborious and full of issues in terms of credibility (owing to multiple responses). Whereas the latter is a generic issue with any online public forum with active participation, former makes it apparent here because of a large volumes of conversation that already exist in the system. I already see some efforts towards organization of content by some generous members.

At this point I want to know from others what kind of usage pattern they have formed over time to get the maximum out of the forum. Any and all kind of suggestions are welcome.

As an outcome of this exercise i intend to compile a post to guide the new members how to get the best out of the forum.

Also, I noticed some senior members (like saint) have spent a considerable amount of their personal time in helping out others. Do we presently have some initiatives running like his regular post on Technical Analysis? Have members both senior and new taken initiatives off the forum?

It's a humble request to all to contribute to this post to the best of their knowledge. Ideas, old or new, proven or unproven are all welcome.

Thanks to all!
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