1. K

    New to Traderji

    Hello Everyone Im new to Traderji. Hope this is a good form and i get my unsolved quesitons answered. :) Im a Web Designer in Brokerage Company. I completed Masters in Informatics.
  2. Sandeep Dhuri


    Hi, I am sandeep, I am new to Trading. Would like to Learn more about online trading platforms. Would also like to Know about ALGO Trading as i have some Programing Backgrou Regards...
  3. K


    Hi all, I am new to this forum and belongs to Chennai..I would like to learn TA and ideas.. Thanks..
  4. A

    Intro of mine

    Hi friends, Good to have you all. Spent entire day reading threads here and found them useful. I am new to trading however I have played gamble by buying puts calls stocks blindly with no research whatsoever. Read threads posted here and then realised how ignorant I was few weeks before. I...
  5. R

    learning technicals

    Hi guys, Though i have been trading for years now but never got time or inclination to learn the actual evaluation of what needs to bought, when and sell time. as of now have been dependant on various websites giving ideas on intraday stock and short term stock where one can make some money...
  6. Milanraj9730908775

    Hello World, a new member is here

    Hello Friends, This is Milan Dhanale, I have joined the community today i.e. 20/7/2013. I Feel very happy and excited to meet you all and get some knowledge from you. I thing this is the only site which is very happening in india and also which provide abundance of knowledge and information...
  7. O


    I am too very new to on-line trading. I have retired and I my intention is to do online trading. Appreciate the warm welcome I have received. Looking forward for daily tips from this blog and thus earn a reasonable amount in my retirement days. Kind regards Oliveiro Carvalho
  8. F


    Hi everyone This is Bhavesh. I have been working as software engg. on some application for share brokers, but never put my hands in stock market. I am a complete newbie to share market. Although I know some basic theory due to my project, I am unaware about more granular details...
  9. M


    I am a newbie to trading/investing. Beginning from absolute zero. Targeting the cash intraday and options intraday. I would like to base my trading decisions strictly on basis of news, technical analysis, charts, trends and scalping in horizontal markets with randoms bits and pieces of spicy...
  10. A

    Hello Everyone!!

    I am new to this site but I want to join discussions with every people on the website. I want to share what I know, best out of my experience and knowledge. Thanks and Regards, Aman Jawanda
  11. C

    First Hello

    Hello everyone, I have been a lurker here for a while and decided to actively participate in the discussions. I have been trading for past two months now. Throughout this time period, this forum has been a great learning resource for me. I hope I will also be able to contribute as I myself...
  12. L

    Hello, my first post

    I joined this group recently. Very useful. There are lot of members giving out genuine advice to avoid losses to other members. I have been in the market since 1995. I remained a passive investor for several years. Between 2006-2008, I was actively investing Around 2008-09, I operated...
  13. M

    Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone, I am Mohammed Mursalim Seikh. Absolute new in trading. Will be glad to learn some new tricks. I have not opened dmat account yet. can anybody suggest me where to open dmat account? which one will be best? Thanks
  14. N

    Hi friends

    Dear friends, Glad to be part of the Through this first post, let me introduce myself. I am N.V.Mani a retired engineer. I plan to invest a portion of my savings in company shares. Especially being retired person,my risk taking ability is naturally low. Request your advice...
  15. T

    My trading path

    I have in stock market since 2004. This almost Eight years are some time very cheering as well as some time crying for me. Here In Traderji I like to share my experience which will going help beginner to become expert in profession of speculation.:clap::thumb:
  16. L

    Hi Everyone

    I'm Srilekha, work online, ex-software eng. I do work on PTC Sites, article writing, create websites for small business.. Now i'm learning Stock trading, Forex trading also.. Can anyone Please guide from the basic steps..BTW Forex trading is legal in india? Plz adivce, Thank you
  17. S


    Hi Everybody, I am here basically to learn from you all. been trying out trading since 2005. lost quite a bit but still trying to get the hang of it. brokrage house has not been of much use
  18. V

    New to the forum as well as to trading

    Hi All, Good evening! I am vishoous and very, very new to the trading world (around 3 months), although i have been interested in it for as long as I remember. I was always fascinated with the tickers and stock news, but never quite fully understood. I have recently shifted to a home-based...
  19. C


    hi i m chinmaya
  20. M


    Hi All, First of all let me express my gratitude to Traderji Forum. It was so amazing an idea to start this website for helping traders in stocks, commodities etc. Comparatively I'm new to equity trading. I have online...