1. P

    Hello Everyone!! Pranay Here

    Delighted to meet you all. I am new to this forum and will love this opportunity to meet fellow members. I am relatively new to the stock market, and have been investing for around a year. I booked a good profit in the recent market boom of sensex reaching 60000. I got some good profits from...
  2. F

    Full time traders from Jaipur?

    Hello everyone, After couple of years of roller coaster ride full of profits, losses, learning and self-discovering, I have decided to leave my full time job as a manager in a leading investment bank and take up trading as my profession. I'll be moving back to my hometown Jaipur next month...
  3. Harjyot

    New Bie

    Hi, My Name is Harjyot from India, New Delhi, I’m working as a professional trader and a technical analyst from more than 6 years. And Traderji community is one of the best trading community on internet. I thanks for those who made this site.
  4. A

    1st post

    Hello everyone .. How you all doing i am a newbie to this whole stock market thing.. But want to learn..
  5. A

    Hi .. this is amit

    Hello everyone, I am amit from Bhubaneswar. I have been trading since 2009 and I seek to gain more knowledge about technical analysis for trading in the futures market. I have been researching a lot about technical analysis for the past 4 years. Hope I would learn a lot from the experienced...
  6. D

    Hello Everyone

    This is Dhanshri Patel, from New Delhi, India. I am a middle aged housewife with two college going kids. My husband is with Railway. I am learning to trade using simple tools. I am here to learn and to share new techniques and nuances about the same. Please wish me best of luck. -dhanshri
  7. pulkit55

    Beginner in Trading | Need Guidance

    Hello Everyone, My Name is PULKIT :clap: I am Interested in Trading but with 0% Experience. I have many Questions like which Broker to Choose, How to choose Company to Invest etc. :confused: I would Really Appreciate all Replies Here :clapping: Thanks in Advance :thumb:
  8. V

    Namaste Traders

    Hi Everyone, I am Vikash Sharma and trading since 1 year. I had been investing in stocks earlier and now I am more keen to trade the F&O space and want to explore more about technical analysis knowing fully that it helps a great deal to time the entry & exit... and my trading decisions are...
  9. R

    hi everyone

    This is rajesh with 0 exp. with trading. I hope to have a good long lasting freindship with trading.
  10. V


    I am Vinkal Vishnoi from bangalore. I have some knowledge on reading the company's financials, I would say I am good in it. I keep on researching the good stocks, though I have not invested much into stock market. I have joined this forum, so that I can discuss the long run for some selective...
  11. A

    Hello TraderJi Friends - Am New Here

    Dear TraderJi Friends, I am really happy to be part of this community after having completed my registration. I have been searching for a place like this to hang out with like minded people and I find TraderJi just the right place. I am a part time finance lecturer and full time FX trader. I...
  12. T

    Happy to be here...Let us together build a fortune!

    Dear TraderJi Friends! Really happy to be part of this Forum. Though I frequently visit here, I am formally joining as a member only today! Having worked in IT Tndustry for over a decade, quit my highly paid IT Job due to stress and uninterest in the field. Though already a Share Market...
  13. T

    Hello / Introduction

    I'm new member of this forum and very eager to learn new things as I'm very much interested in mutual funds and online shopping!!:)
  14. T

    hello friends , seeking mentor / advisor

    hello friends , myself aehsan khan . i am 22 years of age . serial entrepreneur at heart. i come from vadodara , gujrat . i own & run my export company successfully , which i started at the age of 20. i have developed a keen liking towards currency & commodity markets . i...
  15. H

    Hello All

    Hello fellow traders... I am a newbie here and in the trading sector and have already suffered a lot of losses, that was so immature of me. I am here now to gain the knowledge and groom myself with all the valuable experience of Traderji family to get back on track.
  16. R

    Newbie trying to learn in Swing Trading

    Good morning everyone, Newbie here trying to learn in Swing Trading. Thanks, Ravi
  17. P

    My intro for members

    I am working in IT and have been trading according to tips/ recommendations for few years (Equitymaster seems to be best from the experience till now). I have also lost money by giving it to people to trade (Blunder!!). Recently (in Dec 2014) I have done Vitamin M EoD course by Mr...
  18. maheshnmahi

    Hi all

    Hello, I have no trading/investing experience, but i'm interested and about to take baby steps in this world. :sos: So looking forward to have good discussions here. :cheers: Regards, Mahesh
  19. H

    Hello All - Neew your guidance in recovering loss

    Hello All, I am Harshad from Pune ans has recently started trading in options. On daily basis I am loosing almost 2k - 3k because of one on the below reasons 1. Did not exit the stock at right time 2. Stock did not perform as per expectations. Any help regarding trading tips, strategies...
  20. A

    Good Morning All

    I'm very new to the word of Trading. I have hardly 2-3 months experience altogether. But I'm really fascinated and like to understand from you guys the trends and happenings in the market. Personally my far goal is to find possibilities in High Frequency Trading. But as of now I haven't...