1. cinelsoy


    Dear all, Glad to join this team as a trader. My name is Cinels, living in chennai, started trading 3 years ago after VRS from my job. I generally do swing trading nowadays. Lost a lot in day trading. Thanks and regards to all members.
  2. M


    New Member here... :) Trading since last 3 years, and now going to become a full time trader, thanks to recession.. :clap: Hope see new friends here, with many new ideas.. nice to be in such a great forum. :thanx:
  3. U


    Hello I am new to Traderji and am an amateur investor... still learning to swim in the financial seas :confused: I came across this site while browsing a few websites.. I also came across some sites such as I was wondering if anyone has ever used that before.. the site looks...
  4. P

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi, I am Pradeep K and i have been into Equities for almost 1 year.I have interests in Secondary Market and IPO's and wanting to transition into Futures and Options Now.I am proud to say that I started off with just Rs.5000 and built it up using Intraday Method.I have lost money, however...
  5. stratus

    Hello everybody

    :) with few years of passive investing in stocks and mutual funds, now I plan to try active trading. mostly day trading & short term trading in stocks and options. I am now exploring the trend following. I came to this site when web search, and found a lot of discussions and info sharing...
  6. S

    Billionaire vision!!

    Hi everybody :clap: Here's wishing you and me billions!! Am I glad I joined traderji!! My story is so typical of many of the trading and investing books I have read... and so must you have read and experienced. I started almost a 15 years ago, all enchanted by this magical world, an...
  7. krislogy

    Hello TraderJi

    Hi al, :) m Krishnan. new to traderji, n the world of trading/stock market/investments.! i's googling to find some tips about trading, also if any new trading games (simulated) are available to get experience hands-on (n found a few too :thumb: ),, found a few tutorials/pdfs websites. but...
  8. R

    Hello Forum!!

    Hello Everyone , I'm not new to stock market but to this forum. I've been monitoring stock market for 2-3 years and entered in 2007 but struck with losses as of now because of office work,improper exit plan and little greed. I am a novice to technical analysis and Planned to understand...
  9. O

    Hello Everyone FYI...

    Hello Everyone, My Name is Orlando and I am here to pass on, and gain, as much information as possible about forex trading. I have come to find that Forex Trading is such a vast area that one can never proclaim themselves an true expert, simply truly experienced (from trial and error most of...
  10. B

    Hello Everyone

    Hello One and All, I'm Bandhakavi, from Hyderabad. Student of Engineering and into this field of trading very recently. I'm very much impressed with this site and work done here. i request all the seniors to guide us where we can learn. With regards Bandhakavi:)