Hello Everyone!! Pranay Here

Delighted to meet you all. I am new to this forum and will love this opportunity to meet fellow members.
I am relatively new to the stock market, and have been investing for around a year. I booked a good profit in the recent market boom of sensex reaching 60000. I got some good profits from IPOs like Patanjali as well.
My new job gives me some decent time to work extra and I wish to use it to learn more about investment and trading in the market, and maybe make a second stream of income from it. I am interested in learning trading strategies and futures and options.
So my fellow trading buddies, I am keen towards any help and guidance I can receive from this forum. Maybe we can learn together, build and implement strategies or just discussing the running of the market. If you are in Jodhpur, maybe we can meet too. So please be in touch.

Warm greetings
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