1. K

    Difference of names in Paper Shares and Demat Account

    I have a query related to dematerializing share certificates which are currently in paper form.. My mother owns a number of share certificates of Reliance group. She wants to transfer these funds to my name. We know the process of dematerializing shares but there is an issue. The name...
  2. A

    i have a icici demat a/c with shares can i link it to anther demat a/c

    PLS HELP ME !!! i have got a demat a/c with ICICI bank with trading a/c but it remained unused for long time where some shares are purchased and still not sold can i link those shares to a new dmat a/c of another provider say HDFC/Sharekhan??
  3. T

    Sharekhan SpeedTrade Advice...

    Hi All, Thanks to I am going to open a trading a/c in Sharekhan Scheme suggested is : Speedtrade, cost Rs. 6000 (prepaid scheme)., brokerage ( Intraday 5paise / 100Rs.) (Delivery 25paise/100Rs.) Information : Brokerage amount (Rs. 6000) will be deducted from our monthly...
  4. T

    Sharekhan SpeedTrade

    Hi All, Thanks to I am going to open a trading a/c in Sharekhan Speedtrade cost Rs. 6000 (prepaid scheme). Please advice is it good idea to go for prepaid (Rs. 6000)???
  5. S

    Tata Securities Demat and Trading Services

    Hi Guys, Anyonw have any update on Tata's service in the area? The rates are very competitive under the offer that is running only for this month. Need to know if anybody has a hands on experience with their services Cheers, Shubham
  6. lazytrader

    Demat and its nuances

    I decided to start a new thread on demat because this is one of the least discussed topics when it comes to trading and no one seems to be interested. The problem is however that I am a technical person (no not the analysis type technical as in electronics and comps). I have gained a little...
  7. R

    Accounting Profit/Loss with Multiple Demats

    hi.. I am in the process of writing my own solution for tracking and accounting management of my trading activity. Heres a scenario and a question for some Accounting / Stock Trading Gurus. I have 3 demat acocunts with 3 brokers (e.g. Reliance, ShareKhan and 5Paisa). I bought ONGC in...
  8. S

    Umpteenth Post - Demat & Brokerage Accounts

    Hi I am new to stock trading and probably the following questions have been asked many times before. I did search the forum, but couldn't find posts that answered them all. Since I am new to stock trading, bear with me if I sound inane in this post. 1. What is the difference between a...