Best Demat Account

I've been looking to shift from my current Demat service provider. Most of the threads in Traderji seem to be outdated. Which Demat SP would you recommend keeping in mind all the attributes such as:

  • Safety of investments (incl. unauthorised transactions)
  • Cost
  • Reliability and Customer Support provided by the vendor
Search a good online stock broker and open an account. Go familiarized with the layout and to take advantage of the free trading tools and research offered to clients only. Books provide a lot of information and are very inexpensive compared to the costs of classes, seminars, and educational DVDs sold across the web. Read articles. Be very careful. When you trade you must do what needs to be done even though you may not want to do it. Human instincts are often wrong and you must learn to resist these feelings that will lose you money. Do not confuse a good stock with a good trading stock. For trading purposes you must be emotionally indifferent to the stock; just trade the facts of the situation. Beginning traders often have a false sense of security when they trade a stock that they have researched because their stud gives them a more comfortable feeling of familiarity. Familiarity is never the same as less risk. Some of the good brokers are RKSV, ZERODHA, SAS ONLINE, FINVAISA etc..Happy investing!!:clapping::clapping:

When i open new DEMAT+Trading a/c I CAN'T ABLE TO PRODUCE 6/3 month bank statement not available means Bank a/c opening date is less than 3 month and only one a/c opening entry..


any sebi guidelines is there to open F&O SEGMENT for this scenario

HAPPY trading :thumb:
Best brokerage service isn't absolute. What is good for you will depend on your requirement. I have not yet work in share market but i can say that most definitely is to go with one of the larger brokerage.
Hi All,

I am new to share market or demat/trading account but i would like to start to invest into share market.

My bank account is with HDFC. i want to open demat account and my requirement is like to do delivery based transaction mostly(
FYI: I get to know intraday and delivery term by reading blogs :) ) and i m interested to buy small values share for long term

Do i need to open trading account also ? which demat account is best as per my above requirement .Can someone suggest me . there are lot of comparison are available online but i am not able to select b/w them as i don't know about it. One more thing, do demat accounts allow me to buy IPO ?
and what about HDFC demat account as my account is with HDFC.but don't know about . I contacted ICICI also but they are forcing me to open saving account also which i do not want. i read about motilal oswal also .
thanks in advance.

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