what is d commodity market??

Commodities are raw materials of a wide variety of areas like:

Grains Corn, Soybeans, Wheat

Livestock Cattle, Hogs

Precious Metals Gold, Platinum, Silver

Softs Cocoa, Coffee, Sugar, Orange Juice

Energy Crude Oil, Heating Oil, Natural Gas

The commodities market consists of the trading of forward contracts or futures contracts. forward contracts are contractual agreements to buy/sell any commodity between two entities and futures contracts are the market agreements to buy/sell very specific commodities between two entities over a recognized commodities exchange.Like any other market, the one for commodity futures plays a valuable role in information pooling and risk sharing. The market mediates between buyers and sellers of commodities, and facilitates decisions related to storage and consumption of commodities. If u are interested in commodity trading, this link https;//www.moneysukh.com/Commodity.html might be of your help


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