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    Demo for Trading platforms for opening account

    Hi me new to day trading. i searched this forum for demo for the trading platforms. i found some demos but all those demos are screen shots only. can i get real demo of online trading platforms of these brokers . i am not sure how many have their trading platforms. please give link to download...
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    Keeping demat and broking accounts separate.

    Most of us operate demat and broking accounts from same broker. This arrangement becomes quite comfortable in many situations, but this also gives ur broker a chance "operate" on ur accounts. By keeping both the accounts from same broker, investor doesnt have to provide with signed slip...
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    i have a icici demat a/c with shares can i link it to anther demat a/c

    PLS HELP ME !!! i have got a demat a/c with ICICI bank with trading a/c but it remained unused for long time where some shares are purchased and still not sold can i link those shares to a new dmat a/c of another provider say HDFC/Sharekhan??
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    Bharti Airtel Stock Split - Shares not credited in demat account

    I have purchased Bharti Airtel shares on 26-May-09 through Reliance Money. Thereafter there has been stock split for Bharti Airtel but the additional shares but I have not received the credit of additional shares in my demat account. Has anyone of you received the credit of the additional...
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    Tata Securitites Demat and Trading Account

    Hi Guys Anyone have any info on Tata Securities as a Trading Services Provider. They have some good bargain for this month on opening a new account. Has anyone got some hands on experience on their trading platform and other services? Or any other details we should know of? Cheers...
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    How much Money is Needed to Trade in Futures and Options above Nifty?

    Can anyone tell me how much of Account Balance we should have to buy 1 Lot of Futures above Nifty?Why is there different Lot Sizes for different Lots? Thank you in Advance!
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    Trading account and Demat Account

    i would like to know can i have two trading accounts with the same Demat account?plz help..