Will this stock turn back? Your take?


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This seems to be the worst hit in the Adani group.


4 hour chart


Daily chart

Interestingly on 27 May huge volume was bought (30.44 mil) and it rose 179 Rs to 1617. Then it fell. This volume hasn't appeared again. Does that mean they're still holding it.
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no one other than Adani (promotors ) and retailers hold this stock (3% own by retailers). None of the Mutual Funds have it (unless they are in some index so ETF/Index fund will have exposure). so whatever volume you see is by promotor
Whats the point in listing it then? Gautambhai should simply get it delisted and save on listing fees
Can’t really say for sure, it seems to have suffered a terrible fall. Fingers crossed. I feel like I should have stayed away from this one but it’s okay we learn from mistakes.

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