Will this stock turn back? Your take?

The stock is gaining momentum after an uptrend in power stocks of the Adani Group. The group is observing the dual benefit of coal trading and a rise in demand for power in this way. The group has good exposure to coal trading, and coal prices have risen. Because of profit in the coal trade, market participants are expecting good earnings from Adani group companies. Rising power demand will be relatively helpful in Adani's balance sheet in upcoming quarters.
The stock has been moving higher lately, but investors must be cautious about investing in the group's stocks because Adani Group has high levels of debt.
The stock has picked up compared to the situation the past few weeks during the dip. So, if you’re looking into this one and are interested, analyse the market and depending on your goals, make a decision. Good luck.
Investors earlier were worried because it dipped but now the status is getting better. So, there is hope and the situation is picking up. So, check the market again and make relevant moves according to your plan.

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