which stocks are safe and gives highest return for investment?

No stock is 'safe' if you consider short term and blue chips are relatively safer if you consider long term. FMCG and Banking sectors are my favorites for long term as they are the main beneficiaries of consumption growth story of India. The leaders in each of these sectors specially ITC and HDFC Bank are my favorites
Generally it is said that higher the risk higher the return. However, it is always better to consider personal factors and balance the risk return ratio.

Some good stocks offering high returns and low risk are :





What factors do you consider while picking stocks for investment?
You need to see a lot of things like whether the stocks are liquid or not, the risk and returns expected, the soundness of company to which the stocks belong, the past performance of companies, its future and earnings of corse.
It seems to me that now you can pay attention to the stocks of large American companies, despite the ambiguous situation in the U.S., they are well held in the market. And the stocks of European automobile concerns are also almost always stable and grow well on the eve of major presentations.

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