Whom do I report on poweryourtrade.com


I need your opinion that I have lost my 450/- on power your trade. I have subscribed for poweryourtrade trail offer 1 month ago and money debited from my account. I have cancelled at the same day because tips are not good. :eek: They are saying
The amount debited from your account earlier is on hold with your bank and will be credited to your account within few days as per your Banks holding policy.

Whenever I mailed them, they are just copying and pasting the same matter. I have contacted my Bank. They are saying money paid to their account and no holdings with us.

How can I get return my money. If not possible atleast show me the way where I can post about this Cheaters :(
Please give me an advise . :sos:
Please keep us posted on whether your money was returned or not ? It will be a great help for new people thinking of initiating a trial offer with them. Also put your complaint on other consumer complaint sites wwwww.consumerdaddy.com w.consumercomplaints.in, www.complaints-india.com/Consumer-Complaints.../Consumer-Complaints/ , sometimes companies contact the customer themselves and resolve the problem fast when you publish complaints on public forums.

Best Of luck


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Seems to me more of a procedural error.. maybe the mail you are sending is being auto -responded by a computer.. try to find out some other mail address of a higher authority and mail your problem. I am sure it will be resolved. They cannot afford bad publicity.