Whom do I complain to if I want to complain about Edelweiss's fraudulent mis selling of their NCD's?

A relationship manager from Edelweiss asked me to invest in their NCDs. I wasn't very interested in investing in their NCDs, so I gave them certain conditions under which I would invest in their NCDs. I asked them for 5x leverage on days before expiry and 10x leverage on expiry days before 9:15 am, to which they agreed. Another condition was that I could redeem my NCDs whenever I wanted at the same price I invested at. For example, if I invested in the NCDs at Rs.1000 per bond and subsequently the bond price in the market is Rs.950, I can still redeem it at Rs.1000. I would also pay for a prepaid brokerage plan which would charge me Rs.3/lot in options. These conditions were all emailed to me from them, so I agreed to invest in their NCDs. So the fraud is that now they are not fulfilling any of their conditions. They don't provide the promised 5x and 10x limits on wednesdays and thursdays respectively. I complained to them, but they aren't doing anything about it. After that I asked them for my money back that I invested in the NCDs since they were not meeting the conditions. Now they are making excuses and not taking any action to return me my money. Based on the above, whom should I approach to file a complaint to get all of my money back from Edelweiss?