whom to follow for BANKNIFTY FUTURE?

I am new to trading just started this year january. I tried to learn technical analysis and other things. But despite all of that i had a loss of about 3 lacs in past 4 months. Now i want to take advice for bank nifty future from some advisory companies or individuals. Can anyone please suggest me someone's name whom i can follow? I have decided not to use my own brain :(

Pl reply.


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read books... attend workshops like traders carnivals... put only the money u can afford to lose in stock market... do not bet all ur savings... i am not discouraging you.... successful trading requires four years to learn .... 4 months 4 lakhs... huge money i guess... dont go revenge trades... learn a lot... learn pivots.. learn support resistance... learn moving averages... survive in market for 4 years then you will be a successful trader... there is no secret formula... there is no system which gives 100 percent sucess... good systems give signals which are correct 70 percent of the time. many successful traders use systems which are correct 40 to 45 percent of the time... first decide how much u can afford to lose... learn money managent... learn to trade without emotions.. trade with less capital gives emotion control....
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