where to learn??

You can learn almost anything from the internet these days. If you prefer offline learning then you can turn to books written by Indian stock market veterans. That will be a good start for a beginner if you ask me. You can learn a lot from this forum as well. I won’t really suggest taking up paid courses to learn but watch the market closely and spend enough time in research before investing or trading.
There are many free sources online. So, start there. Also, be a part of a community, like this forum. This will help you clear your doubts and you will be aware of new things that are going on in the market, which will save plenty of time .
Well, online of-course. There are many books available for free that you can read, videos by various influencers speaking about tips and tricks beginners need to know. Start by researching. Best of luck!
Start learning online. There are online resources which are available for free today. Even books are free in some legal and government-aided online libraries. You can consider them, too.
You could browse through the variety of books that are available online and since you’ve joined this forum, I’m sure you will learn a lot from fellow traders. All you need to focus on is understanding the main concept of market psychology and you’ll be able to move with the market.


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how to select stocks that give good movements for intraday?
Focus on stocks where corporate earning report or other important announcement is due. Price volatility is often a function of incoming market-moving information as market players compete to incorporate as fast as possible this information in price which creates volatility.

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