What strategies do Algorithmic Traders use in an event like Brexit?

Brexit was one of those rare phenomenons that traders will experience once in their lifetime. Following Brexit, the stocks crashed and the market is still feeling the heat. How did the Algos perform in Brexit? Did they outperform the manual ones?
Sir, it shows great ignorance in saying algos work on technical indicators and strategies. Algos work on news, social media, operating stats of company, open data sets, market data, field data, fundamental data and a lot of inputs which outside world still doesn't know.

Algos are faster and more accurate in responding to news events, since the news feed gets directly parsed into the news engine and buy/sell happens in microseconds.

Secondly, it's difficult to say who made how much in brexit. Wait till the quarter ends and the funds file 13 F. Then we'll be in position to comment who made how much from brexit.

It's just that big firms don't come on forums when they make a killing. Big money stay calm, small money flaunts.