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    orders not firing to trading platform

    hi everyone, I'm using Zerodha kite for trading and Amibroker for charts and after knowing about the algo tradind I subscribed to AutoTrader by I got an AFL from online searching and back-tested it and got very decent results in 15min chat of nifty and decided to use it for...
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    What strategies do Algorithmic Traders use in an event like Brexit?

    Brexit was one of those rare phenomenons that traders will experience once in their lifetime. Following Brexit, the stocks crashed and the market is still feeling the heat. How did the Algos perform in Brexit? Did they outperform the manual ones?
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    Successful Indian Algo Traders in a Live Trading Contest

    CompsoitEdge, a discount broker, conducted a unique live trading contest starting from June till August. Top three winners & 80% of the top 10 traders are using algos to trade. I am among the top-10 winners as well :-)