algorithmic trading

  1. F

    Why has Zerodha stopped support for Amibroker & Pi-Bridge?

    Why has Zerodha stopped support for Amibroker & Pi-Bridge? How do they expect clients to automate their trade? Are they trying to push Kite-Connect API against Amibroker?
  2. F

    Amibroker vs Kite Connect

    What is the difference between automated trading with Amibroker and Zerodha Kite Connect? What is that we can do with Zerodha Kite Connect but can't with Amibroker and vice-versa?
  3. F

    Alternative of Amiquote

    Do we have a alternative of Amiquote? The free version allows us to only update 10 scrips. Can we have a Python script to download NSE all scrips EOD data from yahoo or quandl in amibroker readable format? I tried reading amibroker database but it is in binary format so we can’t directly...
  4. trendtrade

    Tools and Resources for Auto Trading

    Hello Friends Here I will be sharing the tools and resources that will be useful in Auto Trading. I am in the process of automating my own trading, therefor spending a lot of time in checking out currently available best tools etc. in the market for retail traders. To begin with, I am sharing...
  5. panjasandeep

    Algo Trading with Quantitative Forecast (Buy-Sell Signals)

    Lost everything in stock market with so called 'Sureshot' Market Tips providers? You are not alone. Almost every trader has undergone such painful experiences at some point of time. Think logically, if some advisory really knows how to make profit then they will not invest their valuable time...
  6. P

    News based algorithms

    I've been curious as to how news/earnings reports/inventory data etc impacts various markets. In this thread, I want everyone to list frequent/non-frequent news based events that impact markets. And if they have traded based on news based events. For example: In one of the threads on this...
  7. A

    What strategies do Algorithmic Traders use in an event like Brexit?

    Brexit was one of those rare phenomenons that traders will experience once in their lifetime. Following Brexit, the stocks crashed and the market is still feeling the heat. How did the Algos perform in Brexit? Did they outperform the manual ones?
  8. B

    Who is Quant Insti ? What they do in algo trading ?

    Just trying to understand Quant Insti and How it differs from other algo platform providers like Symphony, omnesys etc.. If it is has Serious advantages then we may be benefited. Plz provide your views on the same!
  9. B

    In Algo trading, placed Orders can be retrieved and modified ?

    Say for example, My Algo placed an order in exchange with Some limit like, 100 as buy price , 98 as stoploss price, 102 as take profit price. And Now, algo found another pattern so it requires to change the take profit price or stop loss price. This retrieval of already placed order and...
  10. P


    I am Pradyumna and (not to mention) new in this forum! I am technologically curious and interested in Algorithmic/Automated trading. As for investment experience, I have started of just a couple of months ago (EQUITY/Secondary market). Looking for ward to try my hands on trading first and...
  11. A

    Historical Minute Data for Algorithmic Backtesting

    Hello, I have been trying hard to find historical minute data (free or paid) for Backtesting Algorithms. If any of you are doing Backtesting, can you tell me how you are doing it? Are you doing it with EOD data? Does Backtesting EOD data actually help? It would be great if the data is...
  12. A


    Hello Friends, I am new to the Traderji Forum. I want to share my experience in trading and also want to learn from all of you to increase my trading skills. Thanks.
  13. A

    Who are the brokers symphony presto is connecting users to??

    Hi, I am looking forward to use Automated trading system provided by symphony. Who are there brokers. I tried to ask them but they said they will reveal the names only after signing the contract. They said they will connect me to few of the largest retail brokers in India...
  14. E

    Offer advise on developing automated trading systems

    :thumb: Hello, I have been involved in futures trading markets since 1997. I am here to learn from others, and offer my 2 cents in developing "automated" trading systems. I have been automating systems for many investment banks, trading firms, and am now doing it for a consulting firm...
  15. SwamiNathan

    Simulation Results for TradeScience EOD

    In this thread I planning to post the results of my system - TradeScience EOD system in a periodical manner, say monthly. Initially I am posting the results for last three years, i.e from 18.9.2006 to 17.9.2009. We will again have a review for 31.10.2009 Simulation Results for...