What do you prefer: using mobile apps or desktop for trading? Which is your favourite platform?

Mobile trading apps are being quite popularly used these days. Don’t know about others but I really find it super-easy to place orders, monitor my positions and transfer funds. But when it’s about analysis, I think it’s better on a bigger screen. This is why, whenever I pick a broker I always make sure that the platform is efficient on desktop as well as mobile.

The brokers that I feel have done a great job in providing high tech trading platform are:


Which do you think is the best platform for trading?
I use both depending upon my requirement so I like the brokers that lets you log in into your account from 2 devices that is for web and mobile. Also, the data should be synced between both the devices without any delays. Don’t know about groww and upstox but zerodha and finvasia have this facility.

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