What do you prefer: using mobile apps or desktop for trading? Which is your favourite platform?

I've always been an avid trader, and as technology has advanced, I've found myself using both mobile apps and desktop platforms to manage my investments. When I'm on the go and need to make quick trades or check my portfolio, I prefer to use mobile apps.
I have tried trading through desktop apps as well as mobile apps and I find both equally convenient. However, there are some differences which may or may not matter to traders.

The current generation of traders will find mobile apps more user-friendly because they’re used to handling apps and smaller screens. The size of a desktop app will be more convenient for traders who used to desktop trading. Also, while analysing price action, a desktop may be more convenient due to the size of the screen but that is not a defining point
Mobile trading apps are being quite popularly used these days. Don’t know about others but I really find it super-easy to place orders, monitor my positions and transfer funds. But when it’s about analysis, I think it’s better on a bigger screen. This is why, whenever I pick a broker I always make sure that the platform is efficient on desktop as well as mobile.

The brokers that I feel have done a great job in providing high tech trading platform are:


Which do you think is the best platform for trading?
I do prefer trading o desktop. When ever I trade on mobile I lost.


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I think using a mobile app for trading can be better because it offers convenience and flexibility. You can trade on the go, may be access real-time market updates, & execute trades with just a few taps on your smartphone, making it easier to stay engaged with the market, right?
Same here. If you ask me, I also prefer using the desktop version for trading. It offers a better trading experience with a larger screen, more detailed charts, and easier multitasking capabilities compared to mobile apps.

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