Preferd Brokers for High Number Trading

Hi Friends

I used to be an active trader for several years and had to quit for the last 1 year . Iam planning to trade initially with a capital of 10 lakh and later ,down the year , move up to the 40 -50 lakh range . I always trade only in Stock Futures and can call myself pretty successful as I play by the rules . I need the clarification on the following aspects .

1. If I need to find the right broker with whom I can maintain the capital of 50 lakhs which would be the right one considering for the futures trade

2. Iam also planning to invest in Shares for a long term . I prefer to have it different from F & O broker please point me the best one with whom I manage the equity transactions

3. Iam not clear on the using sub broker / dealer terminal .Will that be of any significance when handling a huge portfolio . I will be trading only for myself .

Thanks in advance .
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Ever thought of getting sub broker direct from NSE ?
Never knew there is something like this . . .

Am aware of Alpha-member for only own/self/group/family kind of trading

but a direct sub broker of NSE :confused:

if i was u i would have 2 different account with 2 different broker :)

i don;t prefer going above 10 lakhs in 1 broker myself.
divide and rule :xD

Ever thought of getting sub broker direct from NSE ?
If u r skeptical abt keeping depositbwith brokers.. I would suggest u look at custodial services here ur funds are with a custodian and not a broker. This will give the best layer of safety...

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