What are the best indicators available in forex trading?

Besides following different type of chart analyses, for getting more sophisticated forex trading results you may also follow multiple indicators available in trading platform.

Technical Indicators. Most of the traders prefer technical indicators using measuring support and resistance and relying on trend lines. Technical Indicators work on graphical representation of a security and based on the price, volume size of a contract.

Trend Indicators. Trend is basically a pattern of a security or contract over a given period of time. It may be up, downfall and sideways. For example, trend lines and moving averages.

Strength Indicators. Market strength entails intensity or potency of market opinion for a particular security for its price and volume. It can also be described as the opinion of the market’s participants at an interval of time. For example, volume.

Support & Resistance Indicators. These indicators describes the levels in between which market repeatedly rise and falls. Example, Trend-lines.

Volatility Indicators. Generally, Volatility in financial terms is a rapid fluctuation in the prices of a security with respect to it’s size or magnitude. Example:- Bollinger Bands.

Momentum Indicators. Momentum tends to a rate of speed at which the prices of a particular contract will move rapidly. Momentum is supposed to be highest at the beginning of a trend and lowest at trends turning point. Example:- Stochastic Oscillators, RSI(Relative Strength Index) , MACB.


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You should keep in mind that there is no such as thing as the best indicator in trading.

Why? If they earn profit for you, then all of them are best. I see RSI+stochastic combination with Hotforex and earn my stable 400 dollars monthly. Enough for a trader rookie I guess.
Although this thread is informative, I must agree that there is one indicator for which I could say is the best among all other indicators. It depends on trading method but also time frame taken into account. This is why for each trading method various indicators should be tested


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I do not use many indicators while trading as they lead me towards a wrong side. I made a strategy on teh base of three indicators including moving averages, fibonacci retracement, and support and resistance. My chart window looks quite simple when I analyze the market.

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