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    Reliability of technical indicators for day trading

    Hello traders. I have one simple question. As a day trader, is it OK to use technical indicators if they are giving good results in backtesting? I'm applying my strategies to NIFTY50 stocks only. What other tools should I use that would improve my efficiency as a day trader? I have...
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    What are the best indicators available in forex trading?

    Besides following different type of chart analyses, for getting more sophisticated forex trading results you may also follow multiple indicators available in trading platform. Technical Indicators. Most of the traders prefer technical indicators using measuring support and resistance and...
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    Understanding the chart/indicators

    Dear Friends, Im new to this forum and its good to see lots of helping hands here. Im looking for some help to understand the indicators and the signals on the afl that I use. Apart from the buy sell signal there are few more information that is available in this chart. Can any one help me...
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    indicators to determine choppy markets

    Hello all, I have been trading intraday using gann square of 9, it has proved to be a very good system to me. However, it has some dowsides, it doesn't work very well in choppy markets. So I was wondering if anyone could suggest me some indicators which could help me determine choppy market...
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    best support and indicator

    i am making profit based on this support level and indicators 5m and 15m :clap:
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    Anybody have this AFL....?????

    Hello friends... go to this you tube video link any body have this afl if yes than please post here. Thanks.
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    Hello from Bangalore

    Hi all, My self, Munir Noorani. I am a new investor, looking to learn the basics of trading. Currently I am studying technical analysis and the various indicators like MACD, Candlesticks etc. Looking forward to a lot of help from the seniors and other knowledgeable people on this forum...
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    Why technical indicators dosent work ?

    why technical indicators dosent work?:confused: :)Hello traders my name is suresh new to traderji. I just wanna share a quick thought about technical indicators and why they dosent work all the hear is my understanding with an example :!:--- Immagine that a large...
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    indicator interpretation help!!

    Hello everyone Im new to amibroker.for some of the indicators i get "(Interpretation is not available yet)" in the interpretation window.Can someone tell me what i should do in order to get the automatic interpreter work for all the indicators. thank you
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    Opinion Required. [Intraday Charting]

    Hi, There are hundreds of indicators available in market either free or paid. Please share your personal opinion on what are the best strategy/indicators for intra-day charts. Also if you have any link/video/pdf or any other document which you can share and help others, then kindly post it...
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    Best Technical indicators

    Dear Members I am trading for past 2 years ,I haven't made any good profits only made some losses. I am planing to learn good and reliable indicators. I found MACD , RSI ,EMA are the good indicators( I know little bit on how to use this). Experience people can please suggest some good...