Ways to automate an Algo

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I and my team have developed an algo based on technical indicators and chart analysis. We've written it in Python and running it in two ways
1. A semi-automated form where a trader executing the trades from generated signals
2. Complete automation on a smaller scale using a discount broker's API

We're planning to scale this up and wish to automate it completely. Could someone help me with the following queries?
1. What'll ways can we automate our strategy? As far as I know,
- we can stay with the existing setup of discount broker, not sure about the compliance issues here and not preferred from us
- Get an API from some 3rd party vendor (ODIN, Greeksoft, Symphony), collaborate with a broker or get a membership, code strategy, and start trading
- Write a strategy in excel, AmiBroker, or NinjaTrader and connect it to terminals like (Presto, Omnesys) through a bridge, collaborate with a broker or get a membership
Any other ways you guys are aware of? What'll approx charges I'll have to bear?

2. We also need access to the historical data through an API, preferably python/c++. Any recommendation? I've just spoken to globaldatafeeds.
3. What approvals do we need from the exchange? Do we need it at all?


Have you heard about Tradetron https://www.tradetron.tech/ ? They provide a platform which is being used by many algo guys not for just their own personal trading, but for also offering their algos to the clients. So you may check them out.

Before subscribing to the API of any data vendor, it would be wise to search for reviews about them. I have heard some real bad reviews about GFDL API from guys who have practically tried them. There is a lot of discussion about this thing in the Fyers API group on telegram, so you may want to have a look.

Getting a membership from the exchange for this need, would be very expensive.

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