historical data

  1. F

    I am looking for MT4 (Nse) backfill (history data)

    dear trader friend i use mt4 for TA analysis, so i want mt4 nse (script backfill data (history data) for past years. if you have or have any source for this so please update me. thanks regards Sugata
  2. Rusty_Banks

    Historical Options Chain, greeks and IV

    Hi, I am not a coder but I do know how to code in bits and pieces to make my quick & dirty application for any task that I am trying to automate. In 2016 I started reading about derivatives and wanted to trade options. As options are non linear instruments I see that many things go into...
  3. R

    URGENT help needed - Historical Unadjusted Price Data

    *Very urgent* please help. Can someone provide UNADJUSTED -- Bajaj-Auto price for July2002 and May 2003? If someone can share NSE's database which is unadjusted that would be a tremendous help.
  4. A

    Download Historical Data from NSE in Excel VBA

    Hello All, NSE has recently change the method of retrieving historical data from "GET" method to "POST" method. Hence, the historical data can no longer be downloaded by sending scrip code and date in the link. Based on various programs, I have tried to develop a VBA code which worked for me...
  5. N

    Free webiste for historic data of top gainers and losers in indian market?

    Do any one knows a good website for historic datas of top gainers and losers in indian market.
  6. NJ23

    Historical 1 minute data request

    Hello I'm looking for 1 minute TF intraday data (the larger the history, the better). CSV/Text file/AmiBroker any format would do. Instruments: Currency Futures(NSE/MCX) Metals and Energy(MCX) Indices and Futures(NSE) If anyone has this data can you please share? Thanks in advance.
  7. C

    Historical tick data for ITC

    Hi, does anyone know how/where i can get 1 min tick data for ITC for maybe the past 12 months or more? Thanks in advance!
  8. Cubt

    Need intraday historical data for stock futures

    Guys, Am looking for Intraday Historical stock futures data, would be really helpful if someone could share the link/data
  9. Cubt

    Nifty Futures Historical Intraday data - 2008 to 2013

    Guys, There are couple of people who sell intraday historical data, however if we had put little more effort in searching, we could get these data for free of cost. I have spent a lot of time and gathered Nifty futures Intraday data. I have uploaded the Nifty Futures 5 mins Historical...
  10. S

    1 minute data

    Hello friends, From which site i can get free historical 1 minute data for stocks and nifty....please reply friends......I need it for backtesting..also please provide mobile applicatipns that can provide such kind of charts....
  11. Cubt

    Nifty Historical iEOD 2008 to till date - Free

    Guys, I have uploaded Nifty Historical Intraday 1 Minute data from 2008 to 2013 October. You can directly import it to Amibroker and Back test it. Since I really spent many hours in searching for it, i thought there would be many traders like me who would be looking for intraday data. Here's...
  12. T

    Historical intra day data for crude oil ?

    Friends I am looking for historical (Indian or US markets anything) intra day data for crude oil, If anyone knows any source please tell me, If anyone has it already please zip and share it. Looking forward to some positive responses. Thanks
  13. D

    Historical Gainers

    Hi guys, This is my first post:) Can you point me to some place where I might get historical gainers (NSE)? in 15mins/30mins/1hr intervals? If its not like free bear :rolleyes: and any of you have this data which you give for few bucks pls let me know. Thanks!
  14. N

    Historical Data For Nifty Options

    hi all, I have historical data (2 yrs) for Nifty options at various strike prices (ATM and some OTM strikes either side). Of course it is available in NSE site, but i downloaded them all into Excel and arranged them in a workable order/manner. I can share this with you (of course, FOC)...
  15. R


    Hi Everyone , I bought Advance Get wayy Back in 2000 for around RS 2 lakh . I used that software for 3 -4 years and was superb . But i had to leave stock market . Now i want to use it so where can i get the historical Data for few past years in metastock format and EOD data for future (I...
  16. T

    Historical Intra Day Data

    Hi I want to backtest various trading systems on Intra-Day data and hence I'm looking for Historical Intra-Day Data (1-minute compression) for 1. Nifty Futures and Bank Nifty Futures 2. Around 10 Nifty Equity Scrips Ideally, I want data from around two years ago till date. (Basically...
  17. B

    metastock data upto 25th jan.2010

    one can download metastockdata(EOD) from nsecalls.weebly.com-->market tools.:clap:
  18. A


    Hi friends, Myself Ashal Jauhari. I need help from experienced boarders. I need the historical data of sensex. Plz. help me. Thanks Ashal
  19. G

    Historical data

    Might be useful to some!! I have included most of the sensex related stocks historical (five years) data in this rar file. check this at ********** http://**********.com/files/165755444/5yhistoricaldata.rar.html Happy Investing!!!