Want create a stock exploration tool in Amibroker

Hi All,

Can anyone help me develop a code which can help explore the tickers in market folder and shortlist in my favorite folder those that meet my criteria?

I have a simple criteria to test:

Check the last 2 price bars and identify those that have made lower lows/ higher highs.



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Will give it a try ............


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Cond1 = HHV(C,30);
Cond2 = LLV(C,30);

C1 = TimeFrameGetPrice("H",5*in1Minute,-1);
C2 = TimeFrameGetPrice("L",5*in1Minute,-1);

Filter = C1>Cond1 ;
Filter = C2<Cond2 ;

C3 = C1>Cond1 ;
C4 = C2<Cond2 ;

AlertIf(C3,"","Higher high");
AlertIf(C4,"","Lower Low");

AddColumn(H,"Current High",1.2,colorGreen,colorPink);
AddColumn(L,"Current Low",1.2,colorRed,colorSkyblue);

Try this and tell me whether it works
I am learning AFL writing.