How to create and maintain watchlist , signs of goodstock and trendfinding method

Ever heard on TV or somewhere else "Trend is your friend" or a stock is in down trend or uptrend , now what is trend and how to find a stock is in trend or not .

1. Moving averages are the best to find a stock trend .
2. when ema,s sliding upward , means a stock is in uptrend .
3. when ema,s sloping downwards , means a stock is in downtrend.
4. when ema,s are straight and gone horizontal , means stock is sideways .
5. use ema for eod analysis and ma for intraday .
6. ema and ma act like support and resistance .

what to trade

trade only in uptrend or stocks which are in down trend , trading or investing in sideways stocks is not for beginner,s.

A fall of stock in uptrend is buying and a rise of stock in downtrend is a selling opportunity .

Good stock

A good stock moves like water in a river and contain good volumes or liquidity , i.e abanlloyd ,bajajhind,bajajfinance,bbl,sunpharma,ttml and many others.

Easy way to create watchlist , take a look on stocks u like saprate them from stupid stocks and move them to favorites then export them to any watchlist u like .

note : this is for eod analysis or for choosing a stock for next day this is not a intraday strategy

adding images of good and bad stocks down

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