1. G

    Consolidation Indicator

    Hi Experts, I found a thinkscript strategy for consolidation boxes: Attempted to convert it AFL, but can not seem to replicate, your help wioll be highly appreciated: // Consolidation Box...
  2. timircha

    best indicator for intraday trading.

    Can any please suggest me best indicator for day trading.
  3. pannet1

    My metatrader Experts and Indicators

    Hi, I am happy to provide you with the attached scalper expert that simply buys and sells when you delete the arrow. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| fti.mq4 | //|...
  4. M

    Repainting Vs Non-Repainting SuperTrend

    Hello guys. Good day to you all. I would like to know the difference between Repainting and Non Repainting Supertrend. Also where can I get Supertrend Indicator for Amibroker 6.0 Thanks in advance. :) Repainting Vs Non-Repainting SuperTrend
  5. wabuf

    Learning Parabolic SAR

    hi traders , does anyone use PSAR indicator here ?? Can we trade with only psar .. i mean look at any chart on psar , just follow the dots and make decision ? is it that simple ?? :confused: even if its a ranging market atleast we'll not bear any losses if dots changes fast .. get in / get...
  6. P

    Please identify this indicator for by sell signal

    Please could you tell me this indicator used for cross over and buy sell signal
  7. Sagarocks432

    Plot a graph as indicator

    Hello guys, I want to plot a graph as indicator with following conditions. 1) Price of candles should b a line. [5 min timeframe] 2) Line2 should be above [with small gap] price line which will b green if Stochastic[15 min] is +ve , else Red. This line wont contain the actual value of...
  8. Sagarocks432

    Which are gud indicators for Volume.?

    Hello Friends, I research on technical analysis daily and I can justify major movements of market.:D But not able to to justify movement of Volume.:( Can u please suggest some good indicators from which I can justify and predict a little bit movement of Volume???? :) Also tell which is best and why!
  9. Sagarocks432

    Custom Indicator for stochastic in amibroker

    Plotted lines as indicator in amibroker value changes as scroll bar moves? I had plotted 2 lines as indicator in amibroker. Suppose vaule at 10am is 20 but when i move the scroll bar it changes to 50 and all the line value changes when scroll bar moves. How to correct this problem...
  10. S

    I need a help in Odin

    Hi Traders, I need a help. If anybody do trading in ODIN ,please send Directional Movement System(ADX) indicator template with 14 periods and 2 Horizontal line 40.0000 and 20.0000. i need ind file...
  11. A

    HELP- One Of The Best Leading Indicator!No Repaint!

    Hi, Could anyone Translate Vostro Indicator from Metatrader to amibroker AFL? Its one of the best Indicator used for scalping and does not repaint.We can use it with other indicators for effective results. Seniors, please help us!!! Screenshot: Here is the code: /* Generated...
  12. R

    ichimaku kinko hyo indicator

    pls , explain about ichimaku kinko hyo indicator, is it usefull for crude oil trding. kindly give usage anybody
  13. 1

    Scanning stocks for intraday trades

    Hello All have some familiarity with only equities, so i like to start with them first. I have familiarity with basic indicators like - MACD,RSI,Stoch D & K, ADX, Bollingerbands,ATR, Support & Resistance levels and what values mean in them. Trying to learn how to draw trend lines,stop...
  14. N

    indicator required ASAP

    hi anybody can provide this indicator for Amibroker
  15. Einstein

    New Indicator

    Hi fellas, My first post, so bear with me alright, Here I want to share a new Indicator which I took from net make some major changes with the code, thanks for some tips from kevin. and finally I think I have achieved something too good to believe. Using this indicator, one can identify when...
  16. D

    Metastock Explorer and Indicator

    Hi guys, I am new to metastock and I am trying the explorer feature. What I don't understand is why is it that the indicator (rsi using daily closing prices with a period of 14 days) and the explorer with colA as RSI with a formula of RSI(C,14) (periodicity = daily) have different results...
  17. S

    Want create a stock exploration tool in Amibroker

    Hi All, Can anyone help me develop a code which can help explore the tickers in market folder and shortlist in my favorite folder those that meet my criteria? I have a simple criteria to test: Check the last 2 price bars and identify those that have made lower lows/ higher highs. Thanks.
  18. Nehal_s143

    Good Indicator for range bound, overbought and over sold condition

    This indicator is working nicely on Nifty 5 min chart 4 to -4 range bound do not trade above 8 be alert with your longs below -8 bel alert with your shorts Please see attached image for details only problem is, its in mq4 format, seniors may please help to code it in afl, so that max user...
  19. S

    charting software having option to draw atleast 6 emas ...

    I want to subscribe one charting software service but want to know which software provide to draw atleast 6 emas at the same time. any one using charting software from their experience please suggest me. skd:)
  20. Relative

    Scrolling on chart why results different views and datas?

    Hi Programmers! I'm working on an Amibroker indicator. I realised an interesting problem with the view of chart displaying. When I'm scrolling the chart, sometimes my indicator lines stop working and shows different values. I show you three pictures: You can see, the cursor is always...