Trading strategy-slow stochastics and pric with trendline

Hi friends
here is basis of TSTW 24

How to trade the slow stochastic 8,3,3 and master it.

Harmony ----filter indicator slow stochastic with trendline break
That is the masterkey.
just becoz slow stochastics crossed above 75,we cant sell short.
we can sell short only if trendline support is broken.
if trendline is holding,we can buy -only buy

price & trendline is priority1

why 90% traders loose?
becoz they sell as slow stoch is overbought at 75 level.
They read technical analysis text book and jumped in to the deep pit.

here you see
The Secret Of Stochastic-Macd.avi
MACD is trend detector and
Slow stochastics is for sideways (range bound times)
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The purpose this thread is

To show users of stochastics how they can loose money if correct principles are not applied.

If anybody want to sell a product he can post it separately

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