In Your Opinion, Which Trading Strategy is The Most Logical?

The most logical trading strategy in my opinion is

  • Pivot reversal

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  • TA

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  • Divergence

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  • Volume Profile

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  • No strategy- risk reward+ money management

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  • Mean reversion Astr

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  • SMC

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  • Pair trading

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  • Wyckoff trading strategy based on 2nd-level data

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  • Order flow

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Price action
Mean reversion
Pair trading
Smart Money Concepts (SMC)
Pivot reversal
Wyckoff trading strategy based on 2nd-level data
Astrological trading
Technical Analysis based (MA and other TA Indicators)
Breakout trading
Volume profile
Open interest
No strategy (non-directional with risk : reward ratio and money management)

You may add any missing strategies.
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The point in making this thread was that the strategies based on Indicators do not involve much analysis. It's ticking off a checklist of criteria. However strategies like Order flow analysis seem to involve a more logical analysis. What do you think?