What's your trading strategy?

My trading strategy is based on long-term investments with asset diversification. I positively evaluate t for their reliability and stability. They help me in achieving my financial goals.


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In my view, moving average and RSI combo work really fine. What’s yours?

Yeah it's like of classic combination that many traders take advantage of. On some amateur markets like crypto it can create opportunities (buying or selling pressure on some major signals from them since others follow), that's why I set my sight on BTC and trade it via Hotforex.
I don't trade myself, but I can share some common trading strategies that traders use. The moving average and RSI (Relative Strength Index) combination you mentioned is a popular strategy for identifying trends and potential reversals. Here are a few other common strategies:
  1. Trend Following: Traders use moving averages or trendlines to identify and follow trends, buying during uptrends and selling or shorting during downtrends.
  2. Breakout Trading: Traders look for price movements that break through predefined support or resistance levels, aiming to capitalize on the continuation of the breakout movement.
  3. Mean Reversion: This strategy involves identifying overbought or oversold conditions using indicators like RSI or stochastic oscillators, with the expectation that prices will revert to their mean.
  4. Price Action Trading: Traders analyze raw price movements without relying on indicators, focusing on candlestick patterns, chart patterns, and support/resistance levels.
  5. Swing Trading: Traders hold positions for several days to weeks, aiming to capture short- to medium-term trends or price swings within a larger trend.
  6. Scalping: This strategy involves making frequent trades over short time frames, aiming to capture small price movements. It requires quick decision-making and execution.
Each trader may have a unique combination of strategies and indicators based on their risk tolerance, time horizon, and market conditions. Experimentation and backtesting are essential to find a strategy that suits your trading style and goals. What's your experience with the moving average and RSI strategy?

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