Trading Plans.....Open to all


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Thanks TP bhai. Bcos I read Tradescript, thought i'll give it a try. but this OP isn't aware that we already discussed in many other places that Pi Tradescript has big problems and 0 support from Z or their forum etc.
Copy-pasted formula from their manual doesnt work properly in scanner.
Already, Lemondew bhai has experience about it. This was discussed in TR bhais Fut thread.

so even after writing correct code, may have high chances of problem but will help if possible.

@timepass in your post, Buy1 / Buy2 for JSPL 13 and 12 are way off. Even for TaMo, will you wait for 20% swings to enter?

from post #11, the ranges are narrower. something still not right, those values dont appear to match.
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