1. M

    Trading Plans.....Open to all

    Hello Friends Starting a new thread for my Intraday stock trading plans and trade updates....
  2. T

    Is borrowing of Stocks ( NOT F&O) possible

    I am looking to Borrow stocks mainly mid-caps and small caps (NOT F&O) so that I can sell them and then buy them back a few weeks later. I already know that Stocks Lending and Borrowing is allowed only in F&O stocks. I was wondering if anyone is aware of a workaround / Jugad to be able to do it...
  3. Mukr

    Improvements needed in Fyers web aka Trading view! (clients)

    Hi Dear readers and traders iam Murali Krishna and full time trader and i created this thread to discuss trading view (Fyers web) as trading platform and want to know about pros and cons of this to me as trader in seeking opportunities!
  4. L

    Banking results for Q3

    Q3 results for some of the major banking stocks viz. SBIN, PNB, CANBK, BANKBAROD, BANKINDIA have not been announced on the nseindia.com->Corporates->Result Calendar. As I understand, NSE should be notified atleast 7 days in advance before publication of results and results should be posted...
  5. S

    Hiring for startup Hedge fund in New York

    Senior Equity Trader/VBA Programmer We are looking for a senior equity trader that has a strong background within US securities. Primary responsibility for this position is to execute daily order flow for our customers while trading to achieve best execution, minimize market impact, and...
  6. K

    Need advice on Jai Prakash Power Ventures

    Hi, Need advice on JP Power. I've 30k shares at an average of 12Rs. Now its currently trading at 6 Rs. Is there any chances it will go up? Please honest advice. I can wait for 1 yr.
  7. A

    AFL coder required (Amibroker)

    Hi, I need a coder for Amibroker (AFL) for part time engagement. We are located in Delhi, however the projects can be done remotely. The candidate will be handsomely compensated for their effort. Interested candidates should PM me at the earliest. Thanks Arjun
  8. A

    What is the best robo advisory service in India?

    I have read about robo advisors' AUM growing rapidly in the US. Are there any robo advisors in India? If yes which are the best ones? Benefits I have heard are: - Low fees - Proper index selection based on mean variance optimization - Diversified basket means lower risk - Tax optimized...
  9. maheshnmahi

    Entering new world! need help on understanding trading techniques and open account

    Hello, I'm new to trading and I want your help to take some small steps to enter in trading world.:yahoo: Since I want to take it slow, I have 50K in hand and I want basically do day trading most of the time and swing if required. So here goes: I am yet to open trading+demat, so I...
  10. H

    How to start a prop. trading shop

    Hello, I am an experienced equity trader from the US but want to know how could I setup a black-box or a grey box type shop with the ability to trade foreign markets as well. Please let me know most common setup with nominal investment. I can co-lo and stuff later as the need arises but s/w...
  11. I

    Newbie needs guidance plz help

    Hi exPerts my name is Imran and I am IT PROFESSIONAL by profession , I thought of investing some money in trading and was researching about the same and I found out two options intraday and swing trading here is my scenario . I am looking to invest around 20-30k per month and looking for profit...
  12. omufrench

    Amit's Trading Diary and Notes

    Hi, My name is Amit. I am attempting to maintain a trading diary here. I will be logging my trades and breakup of portfolio for everyone to see. Please feel free to comment as these will help me become a better trader. My portfolio : GOLDBEES = 85.40% AUROPHARMA = 17.95% NIFTY 5200...
  13. M

    Technical and Fundamental Analysis?

    Hi, Is it very important to learn Technical and Fundamental Analysis for decision making in equity market.
  14. L


    A first timer on Traderji. Here to understand more about equities, currencies and commodities trading.
  15. R

    Trade intraday usa stocks, currency, commodities

    Hi everybody, Most of us have the same question... Can I Trade in USA market. After 7 years of research & analysis I've come to a final n very-very strong conclusion. We can! There's lots of rules ; restrictions from RBI. But there is a way.Those who are interested plz Join me for the...
  16. C

    Best Brokerage Firm in India

    Hello Gurus in India, Fast forward to 3+ years. All the forums I see at least 3 yeas old for which brokerage firm is best in India. I am wondering to see if things got improved from 2009+ in brokerage firms. I see lot of complaints regarding Reliance Money, Axis 3 in 1, ICICI, Sharekhan...
  17. R

    Job Opportunity for Head:Algo-Trading (Equity/Commodity/Forex)

    I invite applications for Algorithmic Trading Head Opening with one of the leading Equity, Arbitrage and Commodity Trading Company based in India with a global presence. This position is for Delhi/Dubai/Singapore locations. Highlights of the Position: We are looking for somebody with...
  18. R

    Job Opportunity for Head:Algo-Trading (Equity/Commodity/Forex)

    Dear All, I invite applications for Algorithmic Trading Head Opening with one of the leading Equity, Arbitrage and Commodity Trading Company based in India with a global presence. This position is for Delhi/Dubai/Singapore locations. Highlights of the Position: • We are looking for somebody...
  19. V

    trading in equities

    I have just started trading equities and options. I want to share the experience of others which are very useful in trading.
  20. K

    how to install angel diet on win7 ?

    hello, can anyone tell me how to install angel diet (diet odin) on win7. I have subscribed to angel diet/odin. I contacted my branch they just told me that I should download Angel PDA and keep clicking next and nothing more. I am using win7 So is that it or I have to do something else...