Tradeplus unlimited trading at Rs 99 p.m

I saw Infini-power terminal video on youtube, it's interesting. Post about some sample charts and features here.
Could we make own indicators like Amibroker, save trendline drawings etc using templates. Is it possible to open different time frame charts or different stocks side by side (is there any limitation? For MT4 we can view 100 charts side by side)? What is minimum band width(For example: 512kbps, 1Mbps etc) needed to run this?

Rs 500/ per month for a good terminal is not a problem for pro traders, but higher turnover charges.
Your Rs 99 scheme is excellent but transaction charges in commodity is around Rs 100/Cr higher than other discount brokers is a problem for high volume traders.

What is your turnover charge for NSE F&O?
Want to know more about charting tool with infini power. Try to post some pictures here. :thumb:

Best Wishes.

Hi Jai Mata Di,
Infini Power is a technical analysis and analytics tool. You can combine technical analysis with information on
1. Unusual volume data
2. Unusual scrip delivery data.
3. Bulk and Block deals
4. Live Scanner and Trend scanner in underlying and derivatives
5. Open Interest gainers and losers
6. Put call ratios
And more than 100 such analytics.
Yes you can open multi-timeframe charts for the same scrips and you can also draw trend lines, annotations on the chart etc. You can save templates or the chart in image format. I have attached one such image. I suggest you try out and tell us the limitations, if any so that we can improve on it. It is very light software and normal home broadband speed would do. It works on 2G dongle also. We have separate versions for MCX / NSE equity, derivatives and currency or combined. More details and videos on Infini Power is available on the below link
On the question of turnover charges would like to clarify here that turnover charges from exchange are slab wise. So the more volumes you do the cheaper it gets for the broker and the broker is able to pass on the benefit to the clients. We have still not reached that critical volume mark and once we do we will certainly reduce our turnover charges. I am sure many low cost brokers who started their business started with much higher turnover charges and reduced it as their volumes picked up. We hope to do the same with all your support. However what was in our hands is our brokerage and we have certainly tried to give our clients a feast on that.
There is an interesting thread started by BPR on “Discount broker charges comparison”. He has prepared quite a comprehensive excel data file. The link to that file is . Tradeplus is also included in MCX futures. Trade plus is one the best low priced options for trading when all charges are included.
We have not yet introduced zero brokerage model on Equity derivatives and Currency. We plan to launch currency next and then equity derivatives
For detail of charges on various segments please check out the link below.
Cheers !!!
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After viewing your Infini trader, it seems that, it is a new name of NEST Trader.
Nothing special.
Hi Sibu3168,
Yes, we have branded NEST trader as Infini trader and it is one and the same. We have tried to ensure that while we offer the lowest brokerage rates in the industry we still provide a trading platform which is of repute.
Hi Sibu3168,
Yes, we have branded NEST trader as Infini trader and it is one and the same. We have tried to ensure that while we offer the lowest brokerage rates in the industry we still provide a trading platform which is of repute.
...and you offer all the facilities of the Nest trader - like bracket order, cover order etc ?? And what are the margin requirements for the same ?
...and you offer all the facilities of the Nest trader - like bracket order, cover order etc ?? And what are the margin requirements for the same ?
Hi Timepass,
We offer NEST trader for MCX and NOW for NSE Equity and currency. Cover order is available for MCX and margin is 1.5%. To know margin requirements for individual commodities please follow this link

Cover order is also available for Nifty and Bank Nifty and margin requirement is 3%.
Dear Traders,​

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1. Infinity plan is just Rs. 99 per month for unlimited trades with no hidden fees.
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3. 2 free days of call & trade per billing cycle.

Targeted Support :sos:​
4. N-Reach, interactive blog to share information and receive feedback from you on various topics.
5. Transparent and easy to use online helpdesk and ticketing system for customer service.
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8. Desktop, Web, and Mobile trading platforms.
9. INFINI – POWER technical analysis tool for amateurs and professional traders alike.
10. Online SPAN Calculator.
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12. Easy to use web based backoffice.
13. Brokerage Calculator and Brokerage savings calculator to help you calculate all your charges and savings viz a viz other brokers in the industry!

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16. Account opening charges can be paid by debit/credit /net banking through the coupon – First in the industry
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18. Debt free company with more than 2 decades of experience in market.
19. Demat services available under the same company.
20. Service offerings also include online investment in IPO/Mutual funds and Debt and insurance products.
21. Daily morning roundup, weekly and monthly report on email at no cost
22. End of day consolidated SMS of all your trades free of cost..

To open an account get in touch with one of our Account Managers on 1800-425-75757

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@ Trade Plus Online ,

Regarding your Call & Trade Value Pack , I have a query that it is charged at Rs. 1,000 pm & in Remarks Column it is mentioned that the charges are Rs. 75 per day if pack is not subscribed.

What exactly does this mean ? Is it a compulsory deduction of Rs. 75 per day ?
May i know what is your charting application based on? It looks quite similar to modulus FE.

Can you provide COMPLETE details of your charting application. I mean all the features probably with some screenshots. thinks like layouts/pages , technical tools ..etc.

Lastly, what kind of backfill/history do you provide on your charting application.
Nevermind, i got the details of your charting application. It is based on dart stock from idart.

But i don't find much difference in net from my current broker. your brokerage is nil, but turnover is slightly more which makes it about even with my current broker.

Only difference is i can see now is the benefit of your charting application.

Also you still have to provide equity futures in your plan.

Will be watching this thread.

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