Tracking TA

Dear experts,

In a few days, i shall start giving trading calls on commodities catering to a few clients. I or the team that i join do not have any software to "automatically" track my trading call performance [except excel ]. Most of the calls shall be given via yahoo messenger.
I'd like to know -
- how can i calculate my accuracy ratio and the best way to document it?
- how would any [potential] client be convinced of its accuracy? [no data tampering]
- what factors to keep in mind while this data is collated ?
eventually, I'd like to present this "performance sheet" of mine to potential employers.

kindly share Ur ideas.


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Before going into this "performance tracking", does anyone who could be your prospective client, trusts or knows about your share market skills? If no, its best to start small and free, and then progress to paid model when you have enough and public proof. I am in hurry right now, will come back and post later.

BTW, you can use excel sheet or google for any freeware portfolio management software that can generate reports. I personally do not use any such software, but I think it should be out there.

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